request to Shadow World viewers

I’m starting a new project as a continuation and a counter to Shadow World.  I’m looking to make short videos like these of people in Pennsylvania’s Mainline mansions.  The videos will remain short portraits of the people that I meet.  They will be posted online as well as be included in gallery exhibitions.  Beyond that, I can not say what the project will become.  If you live in a Mainline mansion or know someone that does and think that you or that person would be interested in participating, please get in touch with me through the contact link.   Thank you!  – David

Year 2: episode 4 – Good Clean Money

Year 2: episode 3 – Their Own Stylist

Year 2: episode 2 – He’s the Bad One

Year 2: episode 1 – Better Than the First Part

episode 26 – ice castles

episode 25 – keep the change

episode 24 – a special day like this

episode 23 – free heat in Kensington

episode 22 – a little over five years