episode 8 – carnival

6 Responses to “episode 8 – carnival”

  1. 1 libby

    I don’t know how you find all these great people! I also loved the button collector! Salt of the earth.

  2. 2 roberta

    David, this is the darkest carnival ever. very beautiful and mournful. usually carnival footage dwells on the creep factor but this is not creepy, it’s Dante’s Inferno.

  3. 3 Reyna

    love it…as always!

  4. 4 hottnikz

    Hey, just read about your blog in the Metro today. Nice blog.

    She’s right, funnel cake is the best part of the carnival.

  5. 5 steve

    Somehow I’m just finding your site today. Here’s a photo that I took at this very carnival:


  6. 6 floorspace

    very out of place yet it fits.

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