episode 21 – they got bills to pay

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  1. 1 Karl

    David I learned about your blog from the Inquirer article from today. You’re work is amazing, and so well done. My hats off to you. You got me stoked into doing something too. Thanks for the inspiration, and I hope to meet you someday. Maybe a chessestake & pretzel!

  2. 2 Mark Schoneveld

    Great episode, David! Whoa, that’s intense. Beautiful woman, though, great smile.

  3. 3 Kris

    Nice work David.

  4. 4 The Pink Queen Albatross

    I learned about your site from the metro. Now I’m addicted. I find it interesting that some of the people I’m watching are so happy with their lives yet they live in one of the worst areas.

  5. 5 David S Kessler

    it does sometimes confuse me as much how someone can be happy with such a life. Sometimes I like to think that a happy person is able to be happy in any situation. other times i find it sad, thinking that they can’t possibly be really happy, that maybe they don’t know real happiness. but i don’t like that answer. we can’t impose our own sense of what makes us happy on someone else.
    as far as being one of the worst areas, yes it is often hard and there is crime but I see great beauty there and I hope to show that too.

  6. 6 Jim

    Fantastic Work all of it, I discovered you on lonely planet TV. I just spent an hour checking out all of your work.
    What are you shooting with may I ask?

  7. 7 David S Kessler

    Hi Jim,

    thank you. you ar the first response that I got since I uploaded some clips to lonely planet. I wondered if the material that I am shooting is really what lonely planet was looking for. I only know them as a travel guide and for the most part, i don’t think my videos will exactly make someone want to come here.

    I’m using a very modest sony trv22 – camcorder. very small, not very pretty. it is important to me that I don’t carry around something that a) looks very valuable and b) does not intimidate people. the picture quality on this thing just happens to be pretty good, especially for the internet. the trick is, i use a tripod on every single shot and that is something that most documentary filmmakers just dont think to do. I can’t not make it look like video but at least i don’t have to treat it like video, if you know what i mean.

    email me if you want to know specific encoding specs

  8. 8 rey

    (ooops…to fix that delete) i just wanted to comment on her consideration for her customers’ financial concerns, what a woman! another great episode, david!

  9. 9 Little Bald Bastard

    I’m just discovering your project, and I’m fascinated. I think someone should sit the mayoral candidates down A Clockwork Orange-style and make them watch every minute of your footage. You’re shining a light into an area of the city that desperately needs it. Keep it up.

  10. 10 David S Kessler

    thank you. that is an awesome compliment.

  11. 11 Micah

    wild in the streets! i see her everyday

  12. 12 Anonymous

    I am a PO and she was on my caseload. Sweet to see she is doing well.

  13. 13 Mee Lin Youk

    Hey, It is amazing that many of these people you shoot have the stamina of hercules.

    It is so horrible that we live in a world were many of these people could have done so much more in their lives.

    if only could of, should of, some how recieved the message or the assitance that would have made them feel more worthwhile then the streets did.. we live in a society of misplaced spirits. the demon hypocrits should be showing this on primetime.

    the world needs to see the real america. the land of the free and sweet land of liberty. The land of forgotten beings and free to die in the streets.

    The land of young seeds growing up under dying trees.. literally from the inside out…

  14. 14 Michael Felberbaum

    This is amazing David. I really appreciate what you are doing. I worked on Front Street for 3 years at the Empowerment Group and I passed this woman every day on my way to the office. I truly admire what you are doing and I know it will make a positive impact on an area that desperately needs it.

  15. 15 Greg & Sheryl

    We bet she was once a beautiful young woman, but apparently life and time have not been too kind to her. It’s amazing that she is still so upbeat, because the condition of her body shows she’s been through a lot of abuse, some of it likely self-inflicted.

  16. 16 Michael Schaap

    This episode was proudly & honestly revlogged @ United Vloggers on 31 October 2008

    Thank you so much for you great work. We do hope you will continue one day,

    Kind Regards,


  17. 17 alex

    Hi David,
    Great site with a great project! I am an Italian blogger at the beginning and I would like to introduce and post some of the best videos I find on the web. Just want to ask you if I can post and overstream Italian subtitles to this video. Thanks and keep posting!

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