episode 24 – a special day like this

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  1. 1 Jim

    This one is great

  2. 2 David S Kessler

    thanks Jim. can’t wait to see your new photos from China

  3. 3 joe

    This is beautiful. This is the stuff that I see. Whats up with the dvd?

  4. 4 zs

    whoa. you’re killing it, David.

  5. 5 zs

    PS. cover of the Weekly

  6. 6 Anonymous

    Saw you in PW and decided to watch them all. Dig it.


  7. 7 rzurlnick

    People who play loud music outside are ruining this neighborhood. Property values go down. Blight returns. If you were looking to buy a home, would you consider a home next to one where loud music was playing? With speakers out on the sidewalk?
    The other films are interesting though.

  8. 8 David S Kessler

    actually rzurlnick, i believe in a strong community – neighbors that like each other and enjoy one another’s company. These guys are relaxing in a field having a barbecue and playing dominos on labor day. good people, good times. I would be extremely happy to have these people as my neighbors.

  9. 9 dour1

    I’m enjoying these videos but I have a question about this one,what holiday was it,the 1st or the 3rd of the month?

  10. 10 David S Kessler

    that was Labor Day

  11. 11 dour1

    Thanks for the quick response,my question may seem harsh,but I grew up in kensington,and saw what happened to it as the ethnic makeup changed,I work in Richmond now and see it happening all over again here.Keep up the good work your videos are great to watch.

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