episode 25 – keep the change

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  1. 1 roberta

    David! those crazy straw cups!!! amazing you found them in his store–I love that. This is a very sweet episode. Love the mouse traps next to the super heroes in plastic bags….love the episode.

  2. 2 Rebecca

    Another quietly insightful piece. Like Roberta, I loved that the toy action figures were right next to the mouse traps! Great shots and nice use of nat sound.
    Is this an ongoing project for you? I hope so!

  3. 3 cassidy

    So happy I got to be a part of this one! Great job, as always.

  4. 4 Christina

    I like this one a lot. It’s has a little brighter mood, capturing the hope that lies in the midst of everything else.

  5. 5 Bicyclesidewalk

    Wonderful – and thank you.
    That fella has a story worth a million words…he understands two very different cultures – and his English is great…spotlighting him – a great (American) citizen is power! There is nothing but blissful energy in this video.


  6. 6 BradyDale

    This is a really good one! Hey, I hope tomorrow goes great. I wrote it up on my own blog and on Young Philly Politics, so maybe we can get some of these political types to come see you!

  7. 7 Martin

    you designed the crazy-straw cups? is that yor job? or was it part of another art project?

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