Year 2: episode 2 – He’s the Bad One

6 Responses to “Year 2: episode 2 – He’s the Bad One”

  1. 1 Mark Schoneveld

    Love his wall hangings. Beautiful.

  2. 2 carlos

    he carries so much of the weight of his children-however its not so much like a burden but more like a reconciliation. great job bringing out the individual within your subject.

  3. 3 Rupert

    Everything about this interview is wonderful.

  4. 4 Robert

    Rupert’s said it. Wonderful, and extremely humane and moving. The sudden personal revelations amidst the specifics of pest control deepen the poetry and open the heart. Yes, wonderful.

  5. 5 David Kessler

    Thanks Robert. Thanks Rupert.
    I’m excited to continue this project for another year even though there might be long stretches of time between episodes. I think that there are still deeper possibilities here. Thanks for watching.

  6. 6 kath

    great film. I’ve always wondered what the people in these long-term /’51th’ year-in-business type places were like. he seems to still be enthused about the business. there was a nice mix of details about his family too. loved how he brightened up talking about djing & dancing!

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